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Our shop in France

Our shop in France is the virtual window display of our store “Bleu persan” located in the city of Troyes, in the French region of Champagne. “Bleu persan” is a wholesale and retail family-run business offering a unique and varied choice of Persian carpets coming from all regions of Iran.   


The transportation loop is the smallest and the most direct possible: we first select our carpets on the ground at the craftsman’s workshop or store, and then distribute and commercialize them ourselves in France. The whole distribution process takes place without any intermediary.


The Persian carpets which have been selected with care in Iran are put up for sale either in our store (35 rue Molé – 10000 Troyes, FRANCE), or on this website.


Our collection of Persian carpets is selected by Mr. Reza KHANBABAÏ, who has developed a 30year professional expertise in this field. We provide our clients with a wide range of carpets designed by craftsmen coming from the 31 Iranian provinces. 


Persian carpets design varies in each region. The Iranian province of Khorasan alone provides 21 different drawings! Carpet making is an art that is inherent to and inseparable from the national culture and history or Iran.


Our carpets are hand-woven, which makes each of them one-of-the-kind items. Dyes used are vegetal. Each carpet is delivered with a certificate of origin.


Come discover our wonderful Persian carpet collection on our website and let the colors of Persia present themselves to you! 







Picture of Teheran's Bazar

Picture of Teheran's Bazar




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